M\s.Pharma Corporation of India (PCI). PCI is a contract manufacturing pharmaceutical facility provider for national and multinationals. Having its manufacturing and packing infrastructure in Bangalore. PCI is backed by skilled and well trained pharma staff and supported by Veterinary Super specialists. PCI follows all necessary approved methods and validations in manufacturing. To its umbrella of technical hub, PCI is associated with an ISO certified and Government approved drug testing laboratory for its health products.

M\s.Pharma Corporation of India is one of the premier organizations, established with salient motto of producing quality health products for Human and Animal use. Pharma Corporation of India's vision has a greatest advantage of a unique synergy of multiple paradigms, assimilating the best of the technology, availing of manpower with brilliant credentials adopting operational methodologies of proven efficacy.

  • Pharma India will advance Manufacturing science and technology by providing products with mission 'health to all'
  • To maintain the quality and to provide best services to customer.
  • Enrich and entertain global customers.

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