About Us

Pharma Corporation of India

M\s.Pharma Corporation of India (PCI)is one of the leading Manufacturer, Distributor & exporter of pharma products, feed, feed supplements for human and animal use.

Founded in 2003 by a team of dynamic entrepreneurs, PCI strives to find practical ways of combining therapeutics for protecting human life, animals, the overall environment and our civilization. We have a strong regulatory affairs team which can provide all required documentation related to registration requirements and also responds to all queries in timely manner.

Our entire organization works in close co-ordination with our dedicated associates to practically give shape to the ideas which are required to meet constantly changing market trends.

PCI is continuously working on improving upon its product offerings, smaller and more suitable/effective dosages/dosage forms, increasing its reach, partnering the needs of the care providers and forging alliances to create new possibilities.

PCI strives to find practical ways of combining economic quality of life with the requirements for protecting human life, animals, the overall environment and our civilization.

We can also manufacture products under customer's labels subject to completion of required permissions. PCI is able to provide all the necessary prerequisites for fruitful cooperation: location of product facilities around Bangalore, production units manufacturing a vast spectrum of drug forms (tablets, liquids, powders, creams, ointments, gels, capsules, syrups, bolus,) and GMP certified quality system.

PCI aspires to be one of the best managed health company. We invite you to explore and discover our world, the world of PCI...


M\s.Pharma Corporation of India is one of the premier organizations, established with salient motto of producing quality health products for Human and Animal use. Pharma Corporation of India's vision has a greatest advantage of a unique synergy of multiple paradigms, assimilating the best of the technology, availing of manpower with brilliant credentials adopting operational methodologies of proven efficacy.

  • Pharma India will advance Manufacturing science and technology by providing products with mission 'health to all'
  • To maintain the quality and to provide best services to customer.
  • Enrich and entertain global customers.