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Product Name Packing Case
First Drops-AD3EC Immunity and stress with Primer 30ml 200
Weaning food 100% vegetarian Lactopets 300gm 32
Calcium 1:0.8 suspension with vitamins Calsypro 200ml 50
Ascites -Better digestion and Liver function Proliv 150ml 50
Stomatitis & after surgery Proplex 150ml 50
Omega Oils -Oral Coat conditioner Dreamcoat 150ml 50
Enzymes a€“Lipase,Papain,Amylase Prozyme 150ml 50
Respiratory management Easibreeth 150ml 50
Urinary system management Pronephro 150ml 50
Aminoacids with Antioxidants Skypro 150ml 50
Breeding management Stimuli 200gm 50
Yeast granules Actisacc 100ml 100
Food booster- Milk drinking habbit enhancer Nourich 200ml 60
Lactobacillus dry syrup - Anti diarrheal Sporuvet 30ml 200
Epilepsy \ Neuro management Prolepsy 150ml 50
Joints-Glucosamine JointsPro 25tabs 100
Iron,Folic,B12 supplement FeronPro B12 150ml 50
Product Name Packing Case
Ear cleaning liquid-No cartisone no antibiotics Otocare 30ml 200
Skin lotion for non healing &recurrent lesions Dermosafe 30ml 200
Bath replacement liquid-Organic sponge bath Pets Bath 200ml 50
Bath replacement spray-Zero water bathing Pet bath 100ml 50
Safe dusting powder for young and all Petfresh 100gm 60
Neeam based tick powder Tixpro 100gm 60
Soaps with neem oil Dermosoft 75gm 140
Soaps Health positive bathing Softcoat 75gm 140
Shampoos Coat conditioning Softcoat 100ml and 200ml 60
Shampoos with neem oil Dermosoft 100ml and 200ml 60
Product Name Packing Case
Praziqunatal+PytrentalPamoate+Febentel tab Cestopro 1*10 Tablets 240 Strips
Product Name Packing Case
Ceftriaxone injection Ceftristat 1gm 100
Ceftriaxone + tazobactum injection Ceftristat TZ 1.125gm 100
Amox+Clav potassium tablets Progmanto 625mg 300
Vomition-Pentaprazole +Domperidone tab Vomipenta-D 40mg + 10mg 500
Product Name Packing
Spray Tixpro 100ml
    (100 ml HDPE bottle with spray gun)
Fipronil - 9.8% + S-Methoprene - 8.8%- Spot Ons Tixpro (0.67ml x 3 pipettes / unit)
    (1.34ml x 3 pipettes / unit)
    (2.68ml x 3 pipettes / unit)